4 Of The Best North Shore Venues To Visit!

Want to know where the coolest places to visit on the North Shore are located? Want to know why you should visit the North Shore and why the venues are SO cool?

So what are the best places to visit? Where are the romantic destinations to soak up the scenery?

Gooseberry FallsRead on! The answers are below!

  • Gooseberry Falls: One of the most visited North Shore venues, Gooseberry Falls is located only 20 minutes from Larsmont Cottages. It is great for kids, families and is an awesome place for a photo session for engaged couples and even married couples! Even in winter, it is still a great sight to visit! Check out more about this very cool venue here!
  • Lutsen Mountatin: By far one of the best North Shores venues to visit, Lutsen has it all for skiers and snowboarders! Lutsen Mountain offers the very best skiing in Minnesota and blows away every other ski resort in the Midwest! Lutsen has a brand-new, high speed chairlift, in their Caribou lift, and has an amazing 95 runs! If you like to ski and snowboard, you NEED to visit Lutsen!
  • Split Rock Lighthouse: Split Rock Lighthouse is an old lighthouse, which was erected in 1905. Multiple shipwrecks prompted this rugged landmark’s construction and it was completed in 1910. Split Rock is one of Minnesota’s best known landmarks! Check out more here for information about Split Rock Lighthouse.
  • Waves Of Superior Spa: Where nature meets nurture, Waves of Superior Spa is a full-service massage and spa parlor located in Tofte. If your adventures take you away from the amazing massage and spa facility at Larsmont Cottages, then feel free to enjoy your time at Waves! Check out their online booking here for more info!

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