5 Secrets of Staying at Larsmont Cottages in August

Minnesota Summer Vacation

There’s nothing better than a nice, Minnesota summer day in August. I’m talking about a day with just a bit of humidity, lots of sunshine with zero bugs. Yes, those days are rare, but when they happen there’s nothing better. At Larsmont Cottages, we pride ourselves on being located only 20 miles from Duluth with private cottages along beautiful Lake Superior. And in August, there’s no better place to enjoy that.  Here are some reasons to come see us so we can reveal our August secrets!

  1. Bugs are virtually gone! If you’re an entomologist (bug scientist) this is bad news. But if you’re a couple wanting to get away, a family looking to enjoy some time together or someone who enjoys privacy and the gorgeous North Shore landscape then August is a great time because the outdoors is mostly free of pests.
  2. Flexible deals at Larsmont Cottages. Flexible deals are a great “secret” promotion we offer here at Larsmont for travelers who are equally flexible. This is a great way for our guests to take advantage of some last minute rates and savings. If you want more info about this, sign up to receive our promotional emails and we will tell you more each week.
  3. Weather is gorgeous! August is one of Minnesota’s best weather months. There’s low humidity in the air, the temps hover around 65-75 degrees and there’s no snow.  The days are just long enough to enjoy the sunshine as well as a nice fire before the sun sets around 8:30pm.Larsmont Cottages Shoreline
  4. Our restaurant is open for business! While some restaurants may scale back their dining hours in August, not us! We’re open regular hours from 8am-10pm Friday and Saturday and 8am-9pm Sunday through Thursday.
  5. There’s lots to do! Even though retailers are gearing up for back-to-school, there’s still plenty to do at Larsmont. Kayaking, Geocaching, Hiking and mountain biking are just a few. And if you’re idea of activity is non-activity, then try our massage services. Our services are onsite, they’re for everyone and we have a wonderful variety of massage types ranging from Swedish massages, deep tissue and hot stone therapy.