Do Not Get Burned By Bad Reviews Online! 3 Sites To Know!

When booking a hotel room and resort on the North Shore, you probably want to know what other guests are saying about it. When booking online, wouldn’t you want to know if guests had a great experience or a terrible experience?

What if we told you that you can! Here’s room

Online review sites are a great source of knowledge about a specific hotel or resort. You can learn about amenities that guests enjoyed and which ones to avoid. Check out these 3 sites to learn more!

Google Places

When you search for a hotel or resort on the North Shore/Duluth via Google, Yahoo or Bing, you can often times see little orange stars with numbers next to them. These numbers usually reflect a grading score like ‘3.9’ or ‘3.5’, or something of that nature. What you are viewing is a Google place listing. When guests of Larsmont Cottages, for example, have a guest that leaves a review, it shows up online and their score is reflective under the review listing. This entire process is known as a Google review. Before you book a hotel online, be sure and take a look at what other guests are saying. Larsmont Cottages has a ‘3.9’ user review and 10 different positive reviews!


When booking online, another great site to not get burned by is Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor is excellent at rating hotels and resorts, but also rates the individual amenities. It is a wonderful litmus test to see if you would like staying at a particular place or not.

Social Media sites

When determining what guests are saying about resorts you would like to stay at, check out their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. Many hospitality organizations, like Larsmont Cottages, have a regular presence on these sites and monitor them for comments, questions and concerns shared by guests. Many guests who have bad experiences will not hesitate to share. A good hotel or resort will respond, affirm the guest and ‘humanize’ the experience by reaching out them via phone call. Larsmont is no different! We have great guest service, both online and offline. The comment and questions on our social media sites are engaging and welcoming. So before you book to stay, check out your resorts sites.


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