Freak out with our authentic Finnish Sauna!! What is it? Find out here!

Let’s get a couple things straight. Sauna is pronounced Sow-na. And the ONLY authentic Finnish Sauna, located at a North Shore resort, is at Larsmont Cottages. What is an authentic Finnish Sauna you ask? Prepare to get invited, excited and educated on the steaming subject of an authentic Finnish Sauna.

  1. So what is it? An authentic Finnish Sauna is an awesome blend of warmth and relaxation, steeped in Finnish tradition. An authentic Finnish sauna has a few specific properties. First, it’s typically built with birch wood. (Sauna scholars differ on this point) Second, it’s heated by rock, not infra-red or other heating sources. (Unless you live in a condo or apartment; indoor fires are not cool) Third, the temps have to be between 170 °F and 230 °F.
  2. Who turned out the lights?  Traditionally, the lighting in a Finnish sauna is very dim. Most prefer to sit in the sauna in silence, while relaxing. That way you can best maximize the environment while not wearing sunglasses.
  3. Jump into the lake! As Finnish saunas go, it wouldn’t be tradition without a jump in a lake. With the temps between 170 °F -230 °F, you may need a quick cool down. Most opt out of that authentic experience, as we have an indoor pool to appeal to you, however, at Larsmont Cottages, our wood-burning sauna is located just off the beach along the lake so that jump into Lake Superior won’t be very far.
  4.  We do ALL the work for you! Prepping a sauna can be a bit of work. You have to stoke the fire, allow the sauna to reach the desired temperature levels, etc. Here’s the best part: our staff will be happy to have it set and ready for you! All you have to do is let us know what time!

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