Have you enjoyed a stunning moon rise over Lake Superior lately?

Lake Superior Moon Rise

Catching the sun rise over Lake Superior is inspiring and a great start to any day. But have you had the opportunity to catch a moon rise over the horizon? Many of us have experienced the awesomeness that Lake Superior offers in the early morning, but many have missed the majestic beauty of the moon rising over Lake Superior.

Here are three reasons to enjoy an excellent moon rise over Lake Superior and some of the best places to view this spectacular event.

  1. The shoreline of the North Shore! There are dozens of places to enjoy the moon rising on Lake Superior. A few solid places come to mind, like the lighthouse pier at Canal Park in Duluth, Burlington Bay in Two harbors, Gooseberry Falls north of Two Harbors and Cascade River State Park. Each brings a unique perspective of the excellence of watching the sun set and the moon rise.Moonrise and Fire
  2.  180 degree view at Larsmont Cottages. One great place to watch the moon rise is from Larsmont Cottages. At Larsmont, there’s a 180 degree unobstructed view of Lake Superior to witness the moon rise, every evening of the week. And with the comfort of watching from an Adirandak chair, by the warmth of a fire pit and s’mores, you can’t go wrong.
  3.  It will lower your blood pressure! Ok, so we may have made it this up, as there’s no verifiable data to prove this. However, watching a moon rise is just about the most relaxing and tranquil activity to watch. Watching the moon rise will bring closure to a fun filled North Shore day, as you unwind at a campfire (prepped and lit with plenty of chopped wood provided by Larsmont Cottages) by the lake with a nice cocktail from the Ledge Rock Grille.