Why the last half of August is the best time to visit!

Late August is the best time to visit Lake Superior. Gorgeous weather, fewer people, and tons of activities. To help “paint the picture” of what your stay could look like, we’ve put together a little narrative with some sample itineraries to get your imagination going! Give us a call to book your August getaway!


airAs you outstretch your arms your mouth gaps open as a yawn passes, the sunrays are peaking in through the window; you can feel their warmth, as you lay cocooned in the duvet. You wake up without an alarm clock, after all, it is vacation. At first you wish to continue laying in bed for just a bit longer however, a cup of coffee is calling your name. Accompanying your first sip is the beautiful backdrop that is the North Shore. Light Lake Superior waves roll in, the natural beauty that surrounds is evident with every passing second. A boat floats by on its way to port; indefinitely Duluth’s lift bridge will shortly be raised. As you take a seat, you pull out your newspaper tucked underneath your arm, excited to take your time reading the current events. Perhaps today you can read the entire paper without being distracted by this week’s work crisis or spilt cereal? The paper is finished however, not without distractions. The breeze gently picked up, while a bald eagle soared overhead, Mother Nature’s distractions were gratefully welcomed.

Continuing to take in the beauty of Lake Superior you’ve decided to partake in the North Shore Yoga class. The combination of stretches and posses allows your body and mind to feel completely relaxed; at peace. Your body, soul, and mind are cleared and your stomach is empty, heading to Ledge Rock Grille for brunch without compromise, has to be next. The choices are endless, either breakfast or lunch food is the only thing now weighing on your mind, as the restaurant staff arrive with your drink order, the ultimate bloody mary finished with every accompaniment imaginable. You decided upon fluffy buttermilk pancakes while your husband sits across from you licking his lips after the Walleye Cake sandwich.

From your table at Ledge Rock Grille you were able to see yard games being played. You decide to take your turn, and head outside to play as well. The decision between ladder ball, giant jenga, giant banadagrams, bags, washer toss, croquet, horseshoes, and bocce ball quickly turns into the decision between giant jenga and croquet. The final decision is made easy, as you wish to spend as much time as possible enjoying late August’s beautiful weather, so both games will be played.
stuffed troutAfter a few leisurely hours of friendly or competitive lawn games, enjoy a backyard feast by picking up a Cottage Cookout Kit. Regardless of which accommodation you choose in this package, you will have a grill available for your own personal use. From the classic, brats and burgers to extravagant surf & turf or barbeque chicken options your taste buds will be pleased while your belly will be full. Be sure to continue soaking in the North Shore’s essence by eating outside. For dessert you decide to take a bike ride to Great Lakes Candy shop in Knife River, less than 3 miles away. Why not when bikes are complimentary.

Check out our Pinterest Page to see Great Lakes Candy Kitchen and much, much more. http://www.pinterest.com/larsmontcottage/

After your ride, enjoy a massage in our lakeside massage cottage. Our certified massage therapists offer a wide variety of massage styles and techniques including Swedish, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Hot oil massage. Don’t forget to come with your partner for a couples massage. Trust us when we say you will leave the massage cottage with a smile on your face, and your body completely soothed.

Entering the dining room you are pleased to see the warm smiles of the wait staff. They bring you to the same table just in time to see the final jenga piece be moved, as the rest come crashing down. Still a bit full from the grill kit, you decide on a salad while your husband loved the Crab Cake Sandwich so much he has it again. After dinner, our extensive movie collection catches your eye as you walk through the lobby. The smell of popcorn makes your decision simple, head back to your cottage to watch a movie.

Larsmont bonfireThe sun has turned to moon while you’ve been snuggled up on the couch. After the movie, you take a walk back to the resort where the bonfire crackles and s’mores essentials are in abundance. The first marshmallow quickly catches fire, smokes and falls into the embers. The second, third, fourth, and fifth attempts are much more successful resulting in the perfect s’more every time. The moonlight guides you back to your cottage as you think about the duvet that awaits you just inside, you instantly yawn. Closing your cottage door you pause to see the glistening moon reflecting on the lake, you cannot wait to replay today, tomorrow.




  • 8am Wake up to a coffee and a newspaper on the shoreline of Lake Superior.
  • 9am Join us for North Shore Yoga.
  • 10am Head to a relaxing brunch at Ledge Rock Grille
  • 11am Relax by the shoreline with your favorite lawn game; we’ve got some great options.
  • 1pm Grab a grill out kit from the restaurant and prepare your own backyard feast *
  • 3pm Head out on the bikes for a north shore treat at the Great Lakes Candy shop in Knife River.
  • 5pm After your ride, enjoy an evening massage in our lakeside massage cottage.*
  • 7pm Dinner at Ledge Rock Grille.*
  • 8pm Grab a movie and some popcorn from the lodge and head back to your cottage.
  • 9:30pm Meet back at the resort for s’mores around the bonfire.


  • 8am Head out for some Lake Superior Charter fishing from our sister property*
  • 2pm Bring your catch back to the Resort to be prepared by one of our chefs!*
  • 4pm Back to the lake! Head out for a guided Kayak tour from our shoreline.*
  • 7pm That was a great paddle, now it’s time for dinner at Ledge Rock Grille.*
  • 8:30pm Check out one of our free bikes for a sunset ride along the scenic north shore.
  • 10pm Meet back at the resort for s’mores around the bonfire.