One Night Only – March 31, 2015

Join us on Tuesday, March 31, for a very special Guest Chef Event with Russell Klein and Nico Giraud of Meritage and Brasserie Zentral. It is a tremendous honor to host such a talented chef and sommelier at Ledge Rock Grille, and we look forward to seeing you here!

Wine sampling with Nico Giraud

In the gathering room beginning at 4:30pm

Dinner with Russell Klein

Choose from three exquisite dishes of Chef Klein’s

 Smoked Fish Tort
Salmon & Trout, mustard-dill cream, roquette salad & radishes

 Quark Spaetzle
Aged gruyere, braised rabbit & peas
$13 (serves one) / $19 (serves two)

 Maibock Braised Pork Cheeks
Potato goulash, escarole, lovage

We’ll see you here!

Chef Uriah
and the Ledge Rock Grille Team

More about Russell Klein

A native New Yorker, Chef Klein attended the French Culinary Institute. There he had the distinct honor of studying directly under Jacques Pepin. Upon graduation from the FCI, Chef Klein spent a year working and traveling in France and Italy. Upon his return from Europe he worked in some of Manhattan’s most distinguished kitchens.

Chef Klein moved to Minnesota in 2002, and quickly began earning awards from Minnesota Monthly, Where Magazine, Food & Wine, and The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Russell & Desta opened Meritage, a classic and beautiful French Brasserie, in the fall of 2007. They have been named Best French Restaurant by City Pages, MSP Magazine and Minnesota Monthly nearly every year since.

Chef Klein’s newest project; Brasserie Zentral, a Central European Brasserie which opened in downtown Minneapolis in April 2014, and has since received 4 stars, from both Rick Nelson of the Star Tribune, as well as James Norton of Heavy Table.

More about Nicolas Giraud

Born in Burgundy, raised in Champagne & Provence, Nicolas Giraud was predisposed to be part of the wine world.

Nicolas joined Russell & Desta Klein shortly after Meritage opened in St. Paul. There, he developed a an award-winning wine program. In 2013, Nicolas was awarded the title of Best Sommelier in MN from the Star Tribune, only the second time in the newspapers history that such an award has been granted..

Today, Nicolas’ time is divided between Meritage and Brasserie Zentral but he also greatly enjoys traveling through wine regions around the world and spending time with his wife and son.

Everything is on a stick!

We can’t stop daydreaming of summertime here in the Ledge Rock Grille kitchen. Winter’s chill is growing tiresome, but we’ve found the cure! Nothing says summertime in Minnesota like the State Fair, right? And what is the best thing about the fair?

Food on a stick!

Join us from 5 to 7pm on March 18th for an upscale take on State Fair inspired food on a stick! Our Everything on a Stick Dinner is $20/person and available exclusively to our Culinary Club members and their guests. (If you’re not a member you can sign up at the event – membership is free!)

  • A Variety of Rumaki on a stick
    Caprese on a stick
    Smoked Salmon on a stick
    Mongolian BBQ Beef on a stick
    Pork Belly and Brussels on a stick
    Vegetable Tempura on a stick
    Grilled Potatoes on a stick
    S’mores on a stick

Reservations are recommended. Give me a call at 218-595-7510!

See you soon,
Chef Uriah, and the Ledge Rock Grille team

A Taste of the Orient Reception – Jan. 14, 2015

I’ve been craving uniquely delicious Asian food lately, and in talking to the rest of my culinary team I realized that I’m not the only one. Conveniently: I’ve got a restaurant, and can do something about it. So I’d like to officially introduce our:


January 14, 2015 • 5-7:30pm • $20/person

Enjoy the exotic flavors of the orient right here on Lake Superior’s North Shore. For one night only (January 14, 2015) we’re hosting an Asian-inspired reception at Ledge Rock Grille. We’ve put a lot of thought into the menu, and done a lot of taste tests (yum!) – We can’t wait for you to taste it too.

Rather than sticking to one region’s cuisine we’ve fused and blended some of our favorites.

  • Chicken Satay – Served on fresh rosemary skewers and prepared with a garlic and lemon marinade.
  • Langostine and Mushroom Dumplings (Yep, both!) – An amazing pair of surf and turf dumplings.
  • Pork and Kimchee Tacos – Tasty brined pork sautéed with ginger, garlic and a mix of veggies.
  • Mongolian Buffalo – Perfectly seasoned and seared buffalo bits tossed with sesame seeds.
  • Pheasant Pad Thai – A midwestern take on this traditional Thai treat.
  • Steamed Baby Bok Choy – Subtly seasoned, tender baby bok choy with toasted sesame seeds.
  • Home-Made Fortune Cookies – A perfectly sweet and crunchy finish for this Asian-inspired reception.

The reception is for Ledge Rock Grille Culinary Club members only, but the club is free to join, and we can sign you up at the door – so don’t let membership hold you back! Of course members are welcome to bring as many guests as they like.

Consider making this event a Date Night, and stay the night from just $129, and get a $50 dining card to cover the reception and drinks!

Reservations are strongly encouraged – Call us today at (218) 595-7510.

New! Wine & Cheese Break at Ledge Rock Grille

This cheese tasting for two is available from 3 thru 5pm daily, and includes Chef’s Choice Cheeses from all over the world. Our hand-picked selection will be refreshed regularly, so watch the Ledge Rock Grille Facebook Page for the latest selections. All platters will come with a handmade cracker of the day and or a crusty French baguette. Wine pairings are available.

Our kick-off Cheese tasting includes:

illamook Oregon—USA

This traditional cow’s milk cheddar has been made for 100 years using the same recipe! Why change it when the end product (a mild, creamy and rich cheddar) is a national favorite‽ Eat with prosciutto or apple, pair with a pinot noir, merlot or a robust, spicy wine.

Queso Manchego Spain

Manchego is a creamy and nutty, sheep’s milk cheese. It is aged a brief 9 months and has a natural nutty, sweetness that pairs will with chardonnay and pinot grigio that is higher in acidity.

Maytag Blue Cheese Iowa—USA

Each wheel is still made by hand! Maytag only uses sweet Iowa cow’s milk to ensure freshness. It is made in small batches and aged in caves. Pair with a manly red zinfandel and raspberry jam.

Saint Andre’ Vire, Calvados France

Triple cream brie, heavy cream is added to the aging process to make this cheese be ALMOST butter. Spread on a warm French bread and drizzle with our own Minnesota BEE FREE honey (made from honey crisp apples). Enjoy with a rosé or blended red wine.

Humbolt Fog Cypress Grove California—USA

From the region of the great redwoods! This cheese is made in a natural wonderland, much like our beloved North Shore. This cheese is a semi-soft goat cheese made by mixing buttermilk and cream. The aging process lasts only a few months which leaves the cheese with delightful floral and herbal overtones. Pair with marcona almonds, tart apples and roasted beets. Eats best with sauvignon blanc, sparkling wine, rosé and zinfandel.

Bent River Camembert Minnesota—USA

A bloomy soft cheese that continues to ripen until the first cut is made. The paper that it’s wrapped in after of aging only 6 weeks allows it to breath. The flavor profile changes over time to induce a mushroomy earthy flavor. Drink merlot or Chianti or Shiraz or an oaky chardonnay.

Make a date to join us this week at the Ledge and arrive early to experience this delicious tour of many cultures!

Experience The Taste of Winning

We had a blast at this year’s Lake Superior Fish Classic. The competition was stiff, and taking 2nd Place (behind Minneapolis’ Oceanaire Seafood Room) was certainly humbling. Next year, though – look out: We’re aiming for #1!

Taste the winning dishes

Our winning dishes will be available through October at Ledge Rock Grille. Stop in for dinner (after 4pm) to try our Hot Smoked White Fish or Pepper Crusted Herring.

You’ll be glad you did – just ask the Lake Superior Fish Classic judges!

Call 866-687-5634 to make your reservation today.

Or cook them yourself!

Are you an aspiring chef, or avid home cook? Keeping secrets really isn’t our thing, so scroll down for the complete recipes.

Watch Chef Uriah prepare the Pepper Crusted Herring on KBJR’s Dishes & Deals (skip to 4:40).


Hot Smoked White Fish

  • Whitefish Filets, 2 each
  • Hickory Chips, soaked, 4oz
  • Salt and Pepper TT

Preparation: In a table top smoker, place the soaked chips. Cover with perforated insert, and add the whitefish flesh side down. Cover and smoke at 140*F for 5-7 minutes.


Yucca Coals

  • Yucca Root, peeled and large chopped, 1lb
  • Vegetable Stock, 4 cups
  • Squid Ink, 1oz
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Preparation: Place yucca, ink and stock in a saucepan. Boil for 20 minutes, until fork tender. Drain, and toss with salt.

Heirloom Tomato Salad

  • Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, quartered, 2 cups

  • Olive Oil, ¼ cup

  • Shallot, thinly sliced, 1 each

  • Italian parsley, rough chopped, 2 sprigs

  • Lemon Juice, fresh squeezed, 1 lemon

  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Preparation: Combine all ingredients and toss. Serve immediately.



Pepper Crusted Herring

  • Herring Filets, pin bones removed, skin on, 2 filets each

  • Flour, for dusting, ½ cup

  • Peppercorn Mélange, ground, 1 TBSP

  • Grape seed Oil, ¼ cup

  • Lime, sectioned, 1 each

Preparation: Heat the grape seed oil in a shallow sauté pan over medium heat. Dust the herring filets with pepper, then dredge in flour. Place the filets, flesh side down in the oil. Cook 2-3 minutes, until firm and golden, then flip the filets to crisp the skin. Drain onto paper towels, and serve with a slice of lime.


Lime Wasabi Dressing

  • Vanilla Yogurt, 1 cup

  • Wasabi Powder, 2 tsp

  • Fresh Lime, Zest and Juice, 1 each

Preparation: Zest the lime and dice finely. Combine the remaining ingredients and serve with the pepper herring.


Sweet Potato Foam

  • Jumbo Yam, peeled and diced fine, 1 each

  • Brown Sugar, ½ cup

  • Cinnamon, 1 tsp

  • Heavy Cream, 1 cup

Preparation: Boil the yam until very tender, 20-25 minutes. Drain, and combine with sugar, cinnamon and cream. Place in a food processor and blend until absolutely smooth. Strain through a fine sieve, into an ISI container. Charge with 1 NO2, and chill. Dispense directly onto place for service.

Fish can see it coming….all the time

Go to Lake of the Woods they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Actually, it was fun. Fun, as in, -20F for a high with 30mph winds. Day two was a bit better, no wind. But it was a pretty good time. Those of you that enjoy the hard water can appreciate what it truly takes to brave the elements and go after an elusive animal. For me, it meant booking a trip through a resort and being herded like cattle to a toasty warm fish house. And during a 2 hour period of blowing snow so thick that “white out conditions” utterly failed to describe, I had a little time to think. And to look at the 1 fish I had landed so far. Not that it was a big one, or a small one, but it was the first out of the water for our 5 person crew, and that got me bragging rights, and $1 from everyone there.

So $4 dollars richer, and staring at my fish, it hit me. Fish can’t blink. Mostly because they don’t have eyelids. But could you even imagine not being able to blink? EVER? My mind quickly went to food (as it often does), and I thought of slicing ten pounds of onions for French Onion Soup, and how truly terrible an experience that would be. Or cooking at our Chef’s Table, and how unbelievably scary it would be for a nice couple to try to enjoy dinner, being served by the supreme grand master of the greatest staring contest of all time. I’d envisioned it would look something like this:

Fish can see it coming

The never-blinking eyes of a fish!


For 2 hours, as is the usual length of a Chef’s Table Dinner. I’d almost want to have a fin lined hat to add to the effect. Much like with food, you have to commit to the joke.

Now successfully returned from the great white north, I’ve had a day to think about how happy I am for eyelids, and that when you come out for dinner, I will not be sporting a fin lined hat.



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