3 Reasons to Enjoy the Ledge Rock Grille.

Whether you are a guest at one of our cottages, vacationing as a family or enjoying some time at your cabin, you’ll enjoy our menu at the Ledge Rock Grille, located at Larsmont Cottages. At Larsmont Cottages, we are extremely fortunate to have one of the best dining destinations on Minnesota’s North Shore. The menu creations of our Executive Chef Uriah Hefter, are amazing and Chef Uriah is a genius at engaging our guest’s appetites.

Why is it so great you ask? What makes the Ledge Rock Grille the place to dine? And what is it about Chef Uriah’s menu that’s so appealing? Here are three reasons you must partake in the Ledge Rock Grille restaurant experience.

  1. Location, location, location! Our outdoor covered porch, complete with lake view, is absolutely one of the best places to enjoy lunch or dinner. The Ledge Rock Grille at Larsmont Cottage is located along the majestic Lake Superior with an excellent view of majestic Lake Superior.
  2. More fish, more seafood, more everything! One of our best examples of this is our newly introduced Blackened Crab Stuffed Rainbow Trout. featuredIt’s an excellent selection that is stuffed with fresh crab, then blackened to perfection and served with honey-roasted sweet potatoes, market fresh vegetables and a wonderful lemon butter sauce. And let’s not forget the famous Wood Fired Walleye Cakes. North Shore dining doesn’t get better than this! With the new choices and fresh, locally procured ingredients, you’ll fall in love with all of the selections.
  3. Camp rule #9: We do wine right. At Ledge Rock Grille, our wine menu is second to none. With a list of wines ranging from Chardonnay Chateau and Merlot to a chilled Red, we have it all. Feel free to ask our staff and have them help you find your perfect pour. And the best part is our Culinary Club Membership which gets you various benefits, too great to mention!


What are you waiting for! Stop by the Ledge Rock Grille today for an amazing dinner, with a gorgeous view, topped off with excellence in every fine glass of wine.