A Waterfall For Easter

Gooseberry Falls

“Are our souls a waterfall, a true Niagara or a smile, a flirt of an angel?”

Romanian philosopher Sorin Cerin asked this years ago, but it feels particularly relevant today. The land is shaking off winter like a long sleep and the waterfalls are beginning to roar.

We’re blessed here in the north country. We’re fairly sheltered from the kinds of natural disasters that afflict other areas—you won’t see tornados or hurricanes or earthquakes up here. That said, we experience climate in other ways. The seasons we have are pretty dramatic. If you’ve ever felt your breath freeze during winter (or felt like you needed hot chocolate and a warm blanket during a rainy summer day!) you know the cold is a presence all its own.

When winter finally leaves, as it is starting to this week, it leaves a big footprint. Rivers are roaring to life in great torrents, an almost animal sound as an unusually dense snowpack starts to melt. This season should be particularly impressive. A few days of very warm weather that led to the Gooseberry Falls ice out are set to be followed by temperatures that flirt with freezing. If you want to take a waterfall tour, the Duluth News-Tribune recommends Beaver, Baptism, Caribou, Cross, Temperance, Cascade, Brule and Pigeon Rivers along with Gooseberry. Even closer to home for us are the Lester River and Knife River in the Duluth area.

The best time for such a tour? Easter weekend wouldn’t be a bad time to get away, and this week and the next should offer good sights as well. If you do make it up this Sunday, our Ledge Rock Grille is offering an Easter dinner of apple cranberry stuffed pork loin with madeira sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and tri-color carrots (slightly easier than cooking yourself). You can learn more here.