Gooseberry Falls

6 Must-See Waterfalls

Lester River - Duluth, MN (16.8 mi)


Located in Duluth, Minnesota at 61st Avenue East and Superior Street, the Lester Park River is the perfect place to spend an afternoon walking the trails, having a picnic and taking in natures beauty without having to drive up the North Shore.

Tischer Creek - Duluth, MN (19.6 mi)


Tischer Creek, which is located within Congdon Park, offers visitors the opportunity to experience its waterfalls either on the trails alongside the creek or up above on one of the bridges. After entering the park, you may feel like you are in a completely remote place even though you are in a neighborhood within the city. This spot allows you to step into nature without having to go too far. 

 Gooseberry Falls -Two Harbors, MN (19.9 mi)


A crowd pleaser of the North Shore, Gooseberry Falls is an easy hike that takes you on a loop around the upper, middle and lower falls. Visitors can view the river and the way it flows into Lake Superior from numerous spots along the winding trail. If you are going to stop anywhere, Gooseberry Falls is a place you don’t want to miss.

Chester Park – Duluth, MN (21 mi)


Another beautiful place to explore in Duluth, MN is Chester Park. Located right off of Skyline Drive, families and friends alike can walk the 2.5 mile hiking trail loop to experience the rushing waterfall that flows down towards Lake Superior.

 Cascades at Split Rock - Two Harbors, Minnesota (26.1 mi)


While visiting Split Rock Lighthouse, hike the 5-mile loop to experience unforgettable views of the river’s cascades.

Jay Cooke State Park - Carlton, MN (40.2 mi)


A short ride from Duluth, MN, Jay Cooke State Park offers a couple of waterfalls to see. Walk a short hike from the Visitors Center to view a waterfall at Swinging Bridge Falls or park a little further up the road at Oldenburg Point to see a set of cascades. Experience one or both for an enjoyable day in the park!

Check out these videos for a glimpse of the waterfalls:

Romantic Getaway at Larsmont


There is nothing like a romantic getaway to help you reconnect and rediscover your relationship. It is all about doing things you
enjoy together, which often differs between couples. One couple may enjoy going on adrenaline-pumping adventures and another may prefer extreme forms of relaxation. Larsmont has plenty to offer both types of couple.

For couples who really connect and have fun through physical activities, there is much to choose from. The rugged and incrediblyLakeside Suite 2-S scenic Superior Hiking Trail is not far. From one of the nearby trailheads, you can hike as little or as much of the trail as you desire. Bringing a picnic, and finding a place to just enjoy the woods alone together is highly recommended.

For a more watery romantic adventure, try kayaking on Lake Superior. During calm weather you push hard and glide fast across the water. During rougher weather, you can scream together as you almost tip over. For a less extreme water adventure, this area also has lots of opportunity to fish.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are a good workout, but you’re in control of how long you stay in the woods. With snowshoeing you can stay on established trails or go on a more difficult trailblazing adventure, where you both go deep into places others have not been lately. A dog sledding tour makes for a very memorable adventure.

Daugherty's on rocks 025-SOther times, you might just want to relax and talk about all the things you've been too busy to talk about. As you catch up, you might be enjoying long views of the lake or playing one of our free to borrow board games. You can enjoy all these things either out with others or in the privacy of your own room, depending on your mood.

At some point, you may be looking for a night-out-on-the-town type experience, by enjoying the fine dining and drinks at Ledge Rock Grille or the bar. At the bar you can also enjoy ice cream along with a fine wine.

You may choose to have your cocktails while your bodies are getting some needed attention. Many choose to have a drink while soaking in the hot tub or sweating in the sauna. In fact, you can order a drink and have it delivered right to either one.

If you are looking to give both of your bodies some extra special attention, you can get a Couples Massage. You both lay down in 20121003_2040-Sthe massage cottage, looking right at the lake—so close you can almost feel its spray. As you get all your tension rubbed away, you can be more relaxed for the rest of the evening.

After relaxing like this, you may want to spend time staring into the flames of a fire. Like before, you’ll have your choice of venue. You can sit by the fireplace in the lodge or try the one outdoors as the moon rises over the lake. After, you can go walking side by side staring up at this area's excellent night sky.

Or, you can enjoy sitting by the fire in your own cottage. You open the window so you can hear the waves, grab a blanket and start a fire in your fireplace. There you sit cuddling under a blanket, still able to look out and see the same moon, stars, and lake.






Fall colors

Fall Color Drives from Larsmont Cottages

Fall colors

Larsmont Cottages is a perfect base camp from which to explore the fall foliage. From here it is an easy drive to explore the colorful hills around Gooseberry Falls and Tettegouche State Park. It is also an easy trip to explore the somewhat more urban hills of Duluth.

While there are great views of fall colors in the flat areas along the shore, there are good reasons to head to the hills. The ridgeline that runs parallel to the shore belongs to a special vegetation zone perfect for colorful trees.

Labeled "northern hardwood-conifer” by regional experts Chel Anderson and Adelheid Fischer, this zone contains an abundance of colorful deciduous trees including many of the coveted maple trees. Anywhere along the ridgeline is great, but here are a couple of nice fall color ridge drives near Larsmont Cottages.

Duluth’s Skyline Parkway is the first of our fall color drives. This drive begins 16 miles away at the intersection of Superior Street and Occidental Blvd in East Duluth. This drive goes around the backside of Duluth and shows you many sides of the city, including parts which hardly look like a city at all.

On the first section of Skyline Blvd, you might feel like you are hundreds of miles from populated areas. You start up Seven Bridges Road, and start your climb into the hills. Along the way you are constantly passing over a cascading river. After the first bridge, there is only one building until after Hawk Ridge.

After the Seven Bridges Road section, you start up the gravel road section of Hawk Ridge. Here you climb quickly and catch occasional glimpses of Lake Superior. When you reach the top, you will want to slow down, because of the bird watching crowd. Here things open up.

Now you can look down at all the trees leading down to the lake. Here you might be able to see the lines where the tree types change. You’ll also find a wide, commanding view of the Lake.

After Hawk Ridge, the trip becomes a mixture of natural and city scenery. Here you go through quaint Duluth neighborhoods with beautiful houses among the trees. There also are spots where you are looking straight down at Duluth’s lakeside industrial areas.

The section of Skyline Blvd near Enger Tower is a particularly great part of this journey. Here you can look at all the fall colors on the hills and the city beneath the tall cliffs. After this section, Skyline stays colorfully scenic for many more miles in less populated areas.

While the Skyline tour is a partly urban and partly wooded experience, the next tour is pure wild. It is long but will take you through many miles of rugged, beautiful, and colorful scenery.

For the Finland-Schroeder loop, start by going up Highway 61, past Silver Bay and Tettegouche State Park. Then, make a left on Highway 1 toward Finland. As soon as you get on Highway 1, the road goes steeply into the hills. You will pass over a tall ridgeline and then pass through flatter land on the way to Finland.

At Finland, you can make a right on Highway 7 and follow this until you make a right on highway 8, back toward 61.

Along this drive, there are long sections without any houses. You will be riding looking up at tall colorful ridges, often driving beside streams or lake. These streams are often surrounded by marshy wetlands. Beyond these clearings are thick woods.

After about 27 miles, you will end up back by the lake in the little town of Schroeder. From here you can take Highway 61 back to Larsmont.

Back at the resort, you may dream of all these colored hills. Fall is a great time to visit the northland and it’s even better if you get out and take it all in.






All Ages Fun When Staying at Larsmont Cottages

LC-ext-lakeLarsmont Cottages is a great location for every age group, from adults looking for some privacy to small children looking to have fun. The property is designed to give everyone their space and quiet while providing plenty of activities.  Here are activities divided by age level, from activities everyone can enjoy to those that are better for adults or kids.

Activities For the Whole Family

Swimming in the pools

Larsmont has an indoor pool. So, people who need water wings and those who don’t can enjoy getting in the water, anytime of the year.

Sailing on Lake Superior

Amicus Adventure Sailing is only five minutes away in Knife River, and is looking for new crew members of every age. They will take you out on Lake Superior and let you try your hand at the controls.

Walking by Lake Superior

Even if some hand holding is needed, everyone enjoys walking by the cool clear waters of Lake Superior. You can beach walk right on the grounds or visit one of the nearby beaches, like Knife River Beach.

Chester CreekLooking at waterfalls

Gooseberry Falls is just a little up the shore, and is an easily-accessible location to witness nature’s roar and mist. Another set of nearby falls is at Tettegouche State Park. They are a little more challenging to reach, but parents have been known to visit them carrying their small kids on their backs.

Biking (non-mountain)

Even those who can’t reach the pedals yet can be carried on the back of the bike or towed in a bike trailer. You can have loads of fun biking up and down the Scenic Drive or you can drive up to the Gitchi-Gami trail for a little more adventure. If you don’t want to bring a bike, we have some you can check out from the front desk for both adults and kids.

Exploring nature by car

Too cold or hot for a bike ride? When you are in a car, it is easy for everyone to enjoy the woods.

Marshmallows 014-S
Sitting by the fire and eating s’mores

Whether you like them burnt or golden brown, people of all ages will enjoy putting hot marshmallows on a graham cracker with some chocolate while sitting by the fire. Yum!

Playing games

Larsmont Cottages has a wide assortment of board games for kids of all ages. They are great for playing on a rainy day or when you just want to catch up on some quality time while competing with your family.  

Activities mostly for adults

 Sitting in the hot tub and sauna

Our hot tub and sauna are great but probably won’t work as well for young kids. That’s ok. They don’t really know what stress is yet, anyway. For further relaxation, order cocktails at the bar and enjoy them in the hot tub.

Going for a run

The scenery is nice for getting your morning run in and if it’s really raining we have an exercise room.


Kayaking is fun and relaxing, and can be done right from Larsmont Cottages. But, since there is always a chance of tipping, this pastime should probably be kept for older children and adults. The water’s pretty cold!

snow shoeingSnowshoeing/Skiing

The wilderness near Larsmont is an outdoor playground with many ski trails and open woods for snowshoeing. Make sure to dress warmly.


Activities mostly for kids

Scheduled Kids’ Activities at Larsmont

Most days in the summer, Larsmont Cottages has fun activities planned and has a team which plans out fun stuff for guest kids to do. They schedule and set up all sorts of events, from painting rocks to gluing leaves together.

Kids’ Camp

The cities on the North Shore have a number of fun summer camps that are educational and fun. You can go here for a list and description. You can see if one of the dates of one of these camps coincides with when you want to come over to Larsmont.


Sometimes you have a big adventure you both want to go on, and you just can’t take your little ones along. In this case, you can use one of the many day care providers in Two Harbors or a little further away in Duluth. Call around and choose the one you feel most comfortable with and which looks like your kids will enjoy the most. Sittercity is a good resource if you don’t know where to call.







view from trail

Superior Hiking Trail Entrances Close to Larsmont


Most of the best hiking is on the Superior Hiking Trail. Here you’ll find stunning views such as those found in the Stewart River and Silver Creek River Valleys. Some sections of the trail are more rugged than others. Wherever you go, you usually will be going through thick woods and passing by whitewater rapids.

There are a number of entrances to choose from, some with rougher and easier topography. You can start out and hike for about half the time you want to be out that day and then turn around, call someone for a ride back, or park a car and have the Superior Hiking Shuttle drive you back there.

Rossini Road Entrance

The section of the trail near the Rossini Road Entrance is probably the easiest to hike in this area near Larsmont. Walking east from here you will be on a fairly gentle section that ends up running for a while along wetlands next to a river.

Reeves Road Trailhead

The area near this trail is a little rougher than the area near the Rossini Entrance, but is still gentle by Superior Hiking Trail standards if you head west. If you head east, the trail starts to drop next to the Silver Creek. There are stairs, but it is still a good workout.

County Road 301 Trailhead

Going east from this trailhead, things start out fairly gently, then you get into some rough territory. Here you will encounter some deep canyons with raging rivers. If you go far enough east you will reach the Encampment River. Don’t plan on a thru-hike as the bridge may be out.

Castle Danger Trailhead

This is your gateway to what is probably the roughest--but also probably the most scenic--section of the Superior Hiking Trail near Larsmont. When you park, you can look up at massively high hills above. If you hike east from here, you will climb up and down a lot and you will reach high spots with good views of the lake and the forest. If you go far enough east, you will be going downhill, following the course of the Gooseberry River, which then goes by many waterfalls. If you are pretty fit, you might consider parking one car at the Castle Danger Trailhead, and another one at the Gooseberry Falls parking lot. This would be a long hike (about 9 miles) but most of it would be downhill, especially the part near the end.

Split Rock River Loop (Parking shown on above map)

North of Two Harbors, you’ll find a 4.4 mile loop above the Split Rock River. This loop has many breathtaking views of the river valley and Lake Superior. You will see many falls as you walk up and down next to the river.

Gooseberry Falls State Park (Parking shown on above map)

A family favorite, just north of Two Harbors on Hwy 61. Visit Gooseberry Falls State Park for a hiking adventure or an afternoon picnic by the falls. It has 18 miles of trails with spectacular views. The terrain ranges from beginner to more advanced hikes.

While the park is beautiful all year, some trails are not accessible during winter. However, you can still see the falls.

Early spring brings melting ice hanging from the falls and rock structures. Summer and fall are stunningly beautiful. This is also one of the few state parks in Minnesota where you don't need a parking pass.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park (Parking shown on above map)

20 miles north of Two Harbors, this lighthouse was restored in the 1920s. While enjoying a hike, take in a little history. Stunning views of the lighthouse and Lake Superior are offered on 12 miles of trails. Split Rock offers trails for everyone, from a short handicapped accessible trail along the shoreline to longer hikes that connect with the Superior Hiking Trails.