Everyone wins! Top places to enjoy a fall walk!

The fall season is one of the best seasons to visit the northland! The crowds are gone, the Finnish sauna awaits you and there are some sweet sites to see when traveling here! Here are some of the top walking places to enjoy the beauty of the North Shore!

  • Agate Bay in beautiful Two Harbors! There is a small bay, connecting Two Harbors to majestic Lake Superior! It’s right next to the breakwater pier and Two Harbors lighthouse! You can’t miss it! You can even walk out onto the breakwater (a very long concrete structure that breaks the large waves and protects the shoreline) and enjoy the crashing lake waves and breathe in the awesome crisp fall air!
  • Burlington Bay & Two Harbors Lakewalk! If it’s not too cold, take a quick stroll along the Two Harbors lake walk and enjoy Burlington Bay. Burlington Bay was actually a separate town along with Agate Bay until 1907, when the two cities were incorporated into the city of Two Harbors. (little known fact for your trivial pursuit friends, did we mention we LOVE trivial pursuit?)
  • Lake Superior rock cairn!? A rock what? (pronounced Karen) A rock cairn is a bunch of rocks stacked on top of each other, in a pyramid formation. Take a walk on the shore, build a cairn and get some fresh air. Don’t forget to stop and take a picturesque photo. Then enjoy an evening with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.
  • 40 acres surrounded with walking trails!  Larsmont Cottages is located along Lake Superior amid 40 acres of land. All this land is a great place to enjoy a brisk walk! When you return to the lodge, get warm in our indoor pool!


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