Four Snowshoe Spots Worth Exploring


There is an austere beauty to being outdoors in winter. Soft snow casts its hush over the woods, so that you can hear your own breath. All is still, except for the occasional rabbit darting by or bird wheeling overhead. It’s beautiful and somber all at the same time.

Even the Victorian novelist George Meredith was not immune to its joys:

 “Just got back from a beautiful eve of winter solstice snowshoeing. My heart was lost and enlivened by both the hush of the mountainous snow world and a very fun irreverence with friends.”

It’s no coincidence Meredith was on snowshoes. This ancient way of travelling, which lets you walk on snow without sinking, is one of the best ways to explore the woods in winter. We rent snowshoes free to all our guests, and if you’re not staying with us you can rent them at Ski Hut in Duluth.

Here are a few of our favorite places to go. Please be considerate and don’t snowshoe on cross-country ski trails—it ruins the trails.

Larsmont Cottages

If you’re our guest, you’re already here, and there’s plenty of lakeshore to explore on the greatest of Great Lakes.

In Duluth

Park Point
Park Point, across the Aerial Lift Bridge, is a beautiful, sandy beach in summer, filled with families and dogs. But during the winter, it’s got a feel all its own. The coldest waves create incredible natural ice sculptures along the shore which can vary from looking like sheets of crumbled glass to smoothly carved blue ice.

Lester Park
The frozen river cuts a deep gorge through the park with imposing cliffs and beautiful overhanging tree boughs. A big park surrounded by trees and a golf course provide plenty of room to roam.

On The North Shore

Wolf Rock
The North Shore provides some astonishingly beautiful views, and a great workout if you’re up for it! Climb up Wolf Rock, near Castle Danger just to the north of Larsmont, for a birds-eye view of the snow-covered forest.

Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse State Parks
You will need a park pass for this one, but you’ll also experience a new angle on the falls and the lighthouse. If you’ve seen the park in summer, you already know how beautiful the massive waterfall and impressive lighthouse are, but there’s a whole new flavor to seeing it with a fresh coat of pure winter snow.