Get Inline

America’s Largest Inline Marathon

inline marathonWe all love Grandma’s Marathon, but sometimes you’d rather just go roller blading. Experience the largest inline marathon in the nation as the leaves begin to change. The NorthShore Inline Marathon (September 13) draws participants from all over the country for a 13.1 mile, 26.2 mile, or combined 39.3 mile race. There are even a couple of races for the runners—the Wheels Off half marathon and a 10k that takes you through the power tunnels.

It’s a fun atmosphere. You’ll see costumes and kids on the course (a nine year old finished in 2012), and the night before there’s a big race expo at the Duluth DECC (and Friday afternoon, there are kid’s sprints). But there’s also some intense competition, as elite skaters from all over jostle for the top spot. Need to bone up on your skiing before the first snow? There’s a roller-ski marathon as well, both skate and classic.

Rooms are booking very fast, as we are easy skating distance from the race start!

For more information on the race, you can go to their website.