Indoor Fun at Larsmont

Sometimes on vacation we want to cram as much back-to-back excitement into every moment as we can. We go from site to site, taking a route that fills as many squares on our bucket list as possible. But, sometimes we just want to relax, sit back, and take in our surroundings. That’s why Larsmont offers calm, simple activities that bring people together.

“We sometimes do balloon artistry,” said Rachel Pritchard at Larsmont. “The balloon artist comes and makes figure animals and so forth out of balloons. It is very good for kids and they really like it.”

Balloon animals have all the qualities kids love. They are colorful, goofy shapes, and can be popped. Even better is something you can eat.

Mrs. Delicious at Larsmont Cottages
Mrs. Delicious at Larsmont Cottages

“Sometimes we do a craft of the day,” said Rachel. “Sometimes it is ice cream.  We have had Mrs. Delicious come in two times this summer. She has her own little truck and a bike that she rides around and sells ice cream.”

Sometimes guests get the chance to make their own ice cream during the craft time. At 3 PM Larsmont does a craft of the day. During this time guest services will think of a fun craft for guests to do, if they want. Some of their past events include driftwood art or other art projects with local materials.

Sometimes guests want to have a lasting memento to remember their time spent with family and friends at the resort. Since rocks on the grounds have managed to survive the waves year after year, they make a good candidate for a keepsake.

Guest can find a big or small rock on the grounds to decorate. The resort provides paint markers for the guests to decorate their little part of nature. During the painting session, guests will often look on resort computers to see what kinds of decorations others have done.

When they are done with the rocks, some take them home and some leave them at the resort. There is an area out front where people leave rocks, hoping to come back and see them later.

“A lot of people come back for their anniversary,” said Rachel. “And so the next year when they come back they can see that rock. Near our front entrance there are rocks. Some are painted and some are not. The painted ones are what the guests have left behind.”

You can play games at home, but it’s often fun to play them during periods of dedicated recreation. The resort has board games you can play in the common area or bring back to the cottages. Sometimes families don’t mind looking a little silly in public while having fun together.

The board game library at Larsmont.
Oh yeah. We’ve got game(s).

“The other day, I had a family playing Twister in the lodge,” said Rachel.  “We have a lot of classic games like chess and another one is checkers. We have other board games that are like card games or have trivia questions. This brings families together.”

The resort also has a movie shelf and a book shelf for more quiet relaxation.

On Saturdays, there is often live music at the resort. Sometimes it is jazz or blues and sometimes it is acoustic folksy guitar. It is all different and all designed to help guests enjoy their stay at Larsmont Cottages. Enjoy it alone or with people you’re close to, but either way sit back and relax.