Larsmont Wine and Cheese Tasting: Savoring the Moment

Larsmont Cheese Tasting

Leisure activities come in two main varieties. Some contain heart-pounding adrenaline-filled moments like riding a roller coaster, kayaking in three foot waves, and going straight down a ski slope. Other activities like watching a sunset, reading a book, or admiring a painting are meant to be savored. “Savor” can be defined in several ways. One of the best definitions comes from Merriam-Webster Online, who say savor means “to enjoy (something) for a long time.” Wine and cheese tasting at Larsmont Cottages is designed to be an experience where you slowly enjoy the smells, textures, and tastes of fine wines and cheeses, while carefully considering the experience.

“It takes about 2 hours,” said Larsmont bartender Tristan Constantine, which as a side note is a pretty good name for a guy who does wine pairings. “It is a great time to stop by the gathering area, spend some time at the bar, spend some time with your friends, and enjoy some great cheeses and pair some great wines with them. Everyone seems to love it.”

The wine and cheese tasting occurs at the bar in the main gathering area. Cheese and crackers are complimentary during the happy hour between three and five. For 15 dollars a person, you can get three different wines paired to go well with the cheeses. Guests can either enjoy Tristan’s pick of wines or one that he helps them pick.

“I usually pick three wines or choose based on a conversation with you,” said Tristan. “It depends on what your preferences are. Then, we can pick it together or you can just pick it off of the wine list as well.”

The wine and cheese enjoying experience is not just about picking the wines and cheeses but also understanding them.  Tristan is happy to be your guide in this area. As an experienced bartender he knows the product and loves talking to guests about it.

“I am not a certified wine connoisseur but I know a lot about wines,” said Tristan. “So, I can definitely pair the cheese with the wine and I can tell a little about the wine and what cheese would go great with it.”

The plate usually consists of three cheeses that normally fit into three categories.

“The chef picks the cheeses every day,” said Tristan. “Usually it is a combination of a sharp cheese, a more mild cheese, and a dry cheese. So we might do a fontina, an aged cheddar, and a brie or a blue cheese. It kind of varies between that. But, we always have about 3 different types of cheeses.”

Some guests may want to bring part of the Larsmont wine and cheese tasting experience home with them. Larsmont can sell you a bottle of that wine you really liked and make you a cheese plate to go.

Once home you can enjoy the wine and cheese and remember your time at the cottages. This would be good on a quiet afternoon when you have the time to savor it.