Massages at Larsmont

Have you ever eaten something and said if it only had a certain ingredient it would be perfect? This could be a cherry on a sundae or the wine that goes perfectly with the pasta. Getting a massage at Larsmont Cottages can be an experience that tops off an already great weekend at the resort.

“Some make an appointment when they book their room. Sometimes they are here and say ‘do you have any availability tomorrow’ and we are often able to schedule an appointment for the next day,” said Wellness Director Sarah Marma.

The main theme at Larsmont is relaxation and two of the main massages at Larsmont are Swedish and relaxation.

Sarah points out that Swedish and Relaxation Massages are basically the same thing. They are general all-purpose tried and true massages. They focus on overall massaging of the whole body. Getting one of these massages is like asking for the chef’s special. You can’t go wrong. But sometimes you need more specific attention.

“Then we do deep tissue with people who have problem areas they would like to focus on,” said Sarah.

As we would expect, the Prenatal Massage is meant for only a small percentage of the general population at a given time. Like any massage, hot oil can be added as an additional ingredient to go well with this massage.
massageOne type of massage really fits into Larsmont’s surroundings, or rather fits the surroundings into the massage.

“I guess the highlight here is really the Hot Stone Massage,” said Sarah. “It is kind of a unique experience to get these stones right from near the lake. We do a massage with the stones or just let them sit in one spot. The heat really penetrates deep into the muscles.”

The Hot Stone Massage involves hot stones being strategically placed on key parts of the body. From there they work together to penetrate through muscles and shock and awe the body into relaxation.

The Trigger Point massage is also about targeting key areas. Sarah mentions how the trigger point can target a certain part of the body by targeting a seemingly unrelated other part of the body.


The Couples Massage goes well with one of the usual goal of couples who come to Larsmont—to enjoy their time together. This massage is one of the most popular massages at Larsmont.

The lake and other surrounding in the background go well with the massages and vice versa. While city massage clinics may spend thousands of dollars blocking out the noise in the surrounding environment, at the massage cottage the surroundings are invited in.

“Today, for example, there are waves,” Sarah said. “We always crack the window–even in the winter, even if it is a fourth of an inch–to hear the waves. People comment that this is so nice.”

The massages also go hand and hand with Larsmont’s many other forms of relaxation. Take the sauna. The sauna is also right by the water and also is highly relaxing. Sarah mentions how the heat of the sauna and the massage can act as a tag team to beat your muscle tension. What if you want to take a more active role in opening up your pores?

“We offer a yoga class here Sunday morning,” said Sarah. “A lot of times I will ask the guest how long they are staying and let them know about the yoga class. Yoga and massage go well together.”

Isn’t it great when everything just fits together well? Try adding a massage to your next vacation for the perfect match.