Relaxing with Water, Earth, Air, and Fire

Chemistry students in ancient Greece had it easy. They only had four elements on their periodic table to learn–water, earth, air, and fire. Their less-than-accurate description of nature was probably the result of not having particle colliders or even Wikipedia.

Although this model is flawed, it can be used to characterize the types of amenities offered at Larsmont Cottages. Here we offer relaxation through all four elements.



Let’s start with the most obvious element–water.

“There is magic in it,” said Herman Melville in Moby Dick. “Yes, as everyone knows, meditation and water are wedded forever.”

There is something special and mesmerizing about water in all of its forms. From many rooms at Larsmont, Lake Superior is in view all the time. Then, you can go outside.

Spend an hour skipping rocks and reckon it time well spent or kayak for a closer encounter. Or, swim in the indoor pool or immerse yourself in the warm vibrations of the whirlpool.


The element of earth includes the layers of rock that line the shore and hold back the waves. In addition to water, the human mind seems to be wired for jagged, hard, and irregular surfaces. The immovable rock is the perfect counterpoint to the fluid waters.

A hot stone massage is another manifestation of earth. Order one through the front desk and find your tension melting away.


The element of air is another amenity of the resort. Air is free but the quality varies.

Here the sky is wide open. Looking out over the water you have a very wide-angled view of the sky and the clouds. The air is fresh and the wind blows across your hair. At times this air may chill you.

Bring the wind to your lungs with our exercise room or out in the elements. The resort can get you set up with bikes, Geocaching equipment, lawn game equipment, or snowshoes. You can also hike, bird watch, boat watch, stargaze, and more.


Fire is the fourth element in our universe of unwinding. The fires (both fireplace and bonfire) are examples of this element in its pure state. You can get lost gazing into flames as easy as you can get lost in the waves’ curls.

Fire is also important in Larsmont’s sauna.

“It is one of the closest buildings we have on the property to the lake and it is meant to get nice and hot,” said Garrett Erickson of Larsmont Cottages. “When you do it right the hot should feel as good as the cold should feel.”

Relaxation brings you back in touch with earth, water, air, and fire. In all four seasons

Larsmont will help you relax with the four elements.

All photos courtesy of Odyssey Resorts