Romantic Getaway at Larsmont


There is nothing like a romantic getaway to help you reconnect and rediscover your relationship. It is all about doing things you
enjoy together, which often differs between couples. One couple may enjoy going on adrenaline-pumping adventures and another may prefer extreme forms of relaxation. Larsmont has plenty to offer both types of couple.

For couples who really connect and have fun through physical activities, there is much to choose from. The rugged and incrediblyLakeside Suite 2-S scenic Superior Hiking Trail is not far. From one of the nearby trailheads, you can hike as little or as much of the trail as you desire. Bringing a picnic, and finding a place to just enjoy the woods alone together is highly recommended.

For a more watery romantic adventure, try kayaking on Lake Superior. During calm weather you push hard and glide fast across the water. During rougher weather, you can scream together as you almost tip over. For a less extreme water adventure, this area also has lots of opportunity to fish.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are a good workout, but you’re in control of how long you stay in the woods. With snowshoeing you can stay on established trails or go on a more difficult trailblazing adventure, where you both go deep into places others have not been lately. A dog sledding tour makes for a very memorable adventure.

Daugherty's on rocks 025-SOther times, you might just want to relax and talk about all the things you’ve been too busy to talk about. As you catch up, you might be enjoying long views of the lake or playing one of our free to borrow board games. You can enjoy all these things either out with others or in the privacy of your own room, depending on your mood.

At some point, you may be looking for a night-out-on-the-town type experience, by enjoying the fine dining and drinks at Ledge Rock Grille or the bar. At the bar you can also enjoy ice cream along with a fine wine.

You may choose to have your cocktails while your bodies are getting some needed attention. Many choose to have a drink while soaking in the hot tub or sweating in the sauna. In fact, you can order a drink and have it delivered right to either one.

If you are looking to give both of your bodies some extra special attention, you can get a Couples Massage. You both lay down in 20121003_2040-Sthe massage cottage, looking right at the lake—so close you can almost feel its spray. As you get all your tension rubbed away, you can be more relaxed for the rest of the evening.

After relaxing like this, you may want to spend time staring into the flames of a fire. Like before, you’ll have your choice of venue. You can sit by the fireplace in the lodge or try the one outdoors as the moon rises over the lake. After, you can go walking side by side staring up at this area’s excellent night sky.

Or, you can enjoy sitting by the fire in your own cottage. You open the window so you can hear the waves, grab a blanket and start a fire in your fireplace. There you sit cuddling under a blanket, still able to look out and see the same moon, stars, and lake.