Superior Hiking Trail Entrances Close to Larsmont


Most of the best hiking is on the Superior Hiking Trail. Here you’ll find stunning views such as those found in the Stewart River and Silver Creek River Valleys. Some sections of the trail are more rugged than others. Wherever you go, you usually will be going through thick woods and passing by whitewater rapids.

There are a number of entrances to choose from, some with rougher and easier topography. You can start out and hike for about half the time you want to be out that day and then turn around, call someone for a ride back, or park a car and have the Superior Hiking Shuttle drive you back there.

Rossini Road Entrance

The section of the trail near the Rossini Road Entrance is probably the easiest to hike in this area near Larsmont. Walking east from here you will be on a fairly gentle section that ends up running for a while along wetlands next to a river.

Reeves Road Trailhead

The area near this trail is a little rougher than the area near the Rossini Entrance, but is still gentle by Superior Hiking Trail standards if you head west. If you head east, the trail starts to drop next to the Silver Creek. There are stairs, but it is still a good workout.

County Road 301 Trailhead

Going east from this trailhead, things start out fairly gently, then you get into some rough territory. Here you will encounter some deep canyons with raging rivers. If you go far enough east you will reach the Encampment River. Don’t plan on a thru-hike as the bridge may be out.

Castle Danger Trailhead

This is your gateway to what is probably the roughest–but also probably the most scenic–section of the Superior Hiking Trail near Larsmont. When you park, you can look up at massively high hills above. If you hike east from here, you will climb up and down a lot and you will reach high spots with good views of the lake and the forest. If you go far enough east, you will be going downhill, following the course of the Gooseberry River, which then goes by many waterfalls. If you are pretty fit, you might consider parking one car at the Castle Danger Trailhead, and another one at the Gooseberry Falls parking lot. This would be a long hike (about 9 miles) but most of it would be downhill, especially the part near the end.

Split Rock River Loop (Parking shown on above map)

North of Two Harbors, you’ll find a 4.4 mile loop above the Split Rock River. This loop has many breathtaking views of the river valley and Lake Superior. You will see many falls as you walk up and down next to the river.

Gooseberry Falls State Park (Parking shown on above map)

A family favorite, just north of Two Harbors on Hwy 61. Visit Gooseberry Falls State Park for a hiking adventure or an afternoon picnic by the falls. It has 18 miles of trails with spectacular views. The terrain ranges from beginner to more advanced hikes.

While the park is beautiful all year, some trails are not accessible during winter. However, you can still see the falls.

Early spring brings melting ice hanging from the falls and rock structures. Summer and fall are stunningly beautiful. This is also one of the few state parks in Minnesota where you don’t need a parking pass.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park (Parking shown on above map)

20 miles north of Two Harbors, this lighthouse was restored in the 1920s. While enjoying a hike, take in a little history. Stunning views of the lighthouse and Lake Superior are offered on 12 miles of trails. Split Rock offers trails for everyone, from a short handicapped accessible trail along the shoreline to longer hikes that connect with the Superior Hiking Trails.