The Longest Night of the Year

Stoney Point“It was the first breath of the new moon,” novelist Diana Gabaldon wrote, “but the whole of it was visible, a perfect ball of violet and indigo cupped in a sickle of light, luminous among the stars.”

Gabaldon hasn’t stayed with us (yet), but she could be describing the weather right out our window. We’ll be experiencing a new moon December 22 along with winter solstice on the 21. The brooding lake and the crisp white snows of winter have an austere beauty but it’s under the stars where winter’s true beauty shines. From ethereal moonlight to the deep black of a starless evening snowshoe, the night sky in the woods offers something no city can.

In Two Harbors, the sun sets at 4:20pm on the 21st, and doesn’t rise until 7:50 am on the 22nd.  And from there, every day will get longer. As much as the first buds of spring, the return of the sun is something people can truly celebrate. In the heart of winter, in the blackest night, hope rings out. Throughout history, countless rituals have commemorated this triumphant beginning. Why not join in this year? Your reservation is just a phone call away.