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When you purchase a quarter–share in a Larsmont Cottage on Lake Superior, you are purchasing a deeded interest in a luxury vacation home.

This is a prime piece of North Shore real estate that you own complete with all of the amenities of a luxury north woods resort, but without all the responsibilities of maintenance, repair or upkeep. Your purchase entitles you to use the entire lake home—and take advantage of all services—for one full week of every month, all year long, for a total of 13 weeks. When you purchase your home, you receive exclusive use of a “basket” of 13 weeks each year. These weeks begin on Friday night and extend to the following Friday. Your “basket” of 13 weeks rotates on an annual basis. This gives every owner a chance to hit all the major holidays and prime vacation weeks at least once during the four–year cycle.

It’s totally up to you to decide how to spend your time.

Come and bring the family for a whole week. Or escape to the North Shore for a day or two of personal time. Let a group of your friends use your home or provide a special perk for employee or company outings. Donate one of your weeks to a charity auction. It’s entirely up to you. If there is a month when you would like to stay in your home during an alternate week, we will try to arrange a trade with the other owners. If you are unable to use your home during one of your weeks, we will look for a renter at your request. Or take advantage of our special “Space available program,” which allows you access to the resort during non-owned weeks on a last minute basis. All for a minimal use fee to cover housekeeping!

Each Larsmont Cottage is a prime vacation property on Lake Superior.

Your cottage is both a family home and a unique real estate opportunity. One of the most attractive features is that these properties—with all the amenities, support services and resort accommodations— are available at a fraction of the cost of what it takes to build, furnish and maintain a new home on the North Shore. And the home is all yours for 13 weeks every year. You’re purchasing more than the amount of time most families ever spend in a vacation home—with the freedom to travel elsewhere at other times.

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